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  • Founded in 2008, Rocket Lawyer strives to “make legal wellness more accessible and affordable for everyone”
  • Members of Rocket Lawyer get their own personal “Legal Health Score” and advice for how to improve their score by adding legal plans and documents that are included in their membership
  • Rocket Lawyer membership includes unlimited business and personal legal forms, document storage, and access to discounted attorneys within the Rocket Lawyer network
  • Pro Memberships start at $40/month, or choose Basic from $20/month

Editor’s Review:

Cool name, I really like “Rocket Lawyer”.  But, name aside, Rocket Lawyer is great for people who are either starting a business or want to make sure that their family is covered in the event of an emergency.  For the nominal cost of a Pro Legal Rocket Lawyer membership ($40 at this time), you can incorporate your business for free*.  Okay, that little asterisks* means that you still need to pay government filing fees.  Considering the embarrassing fact that I personally paid an attorney over $1,000 to incorporate my business, this is an amazing deal.

Rocket Lawyer is one of the only websites that I’m aware of that provides live legal counsel from attorneys online.  Yes, that’s right, they’ve actually got attorneys sitting there who will offer you personal advice online (through  Most online legal services refuse to provide legal advice and only offer legal forms or a directory (I presume it’s for liability reasons), but members of Rocket Lawyer can obtain necessary legal advice instantly online. That’s almost as cool as their name.

It’s a good thing to know you’re covered, legally speaking, in case of an emergency.  While everyone knows they should have a first aid kit at home, few actually take the time to compile all the necessary supplies. Rocket Lawyer helps you to improve your “legal health” as they call it (kind of corny), so you can have the peace of mind that you and your family is covered with all the necessary legal documents.  I recently had an experience at work where our corporate HR attorney had to refuse a father a copy of his incapacitated daughter’s employment records because she didn’t have the proper legal documents in place.  It’s a sad, but not unusual, situation.

I understand that Rocket Lawyer is for those of us who want to get the necessary documents in place during life changes.  But, what about after that’s done?  How many of us really need legal advice weekly, or on a regular basis?  I don’t know about you, but when I’m not working for lawyers, I try to stay out of their offices.  Although Rocket Lawyer is a membership site, I think it’s really only good for a short period of time.  Perhaps you are starting a business, or going through some problems at home that you need help with. At least you can use Rocket Lawyer from home and stay out of those lawyer’s offices!

I found the membership terms a little bit unclear on Rocket Lawyer (or perhaps non-existent).  It was super easy to find that a Basic Legal Plan Rocket  Lawyer package runs about $20 a month, but what are the terms?  Can you really cancel for any reason, and at any time? It seems to say that, but I’m left feeling a bit skeptical.  Perhaps if Rocket Lawyer prominently displayed a wordy “Guarantee”, I’d feel more assured.

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VN:F [1.9.8_1114]
Rating: 3.0/5 (27 votes cast)
Rocket Lawyer Reviews |, 3.0 out of 5 based on 27 ratings

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